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LX Sports Frequently Asked Questions


  • All LX Sports classes are outdoors at our Dana Hall or Connor's Center locations.

  • If classes are canceled due to inclement weather or poor field conditions, the announcement will be made on our LX Sports homepage and on the LINX Facebook page no later than 12:00 noon.

  • Sign up to receive LX Sports Text Alerts informing you about important info as quickly as we can.

  • Canceled classes are not rescheduled. Instead, you receive 50 minutes of Clubtime in your LINX account for each canceled class. You may reserve Clubtime at our 141 Linden Street facility. Or you may use that 50 minutes to take a Make Up Class (subject to availability) at LINX. Please see our Makeup Policies.

  • Q: How will I know who the LX Coaches are?

    A: LX Coaches will be wearing LINX or LX Sports gear and will be waiting to greet you at the designated drop off locations.

    Q: Should I get out of my car during drop off and pick up?

    A: No. Please remain in your car during drop off and pick up. At drop off, an LX Coach will open the door and your child can then safely exit the vehicle and enter the designated warm-up area. At pick up, an LX Coach will walk your child(ren) to your car and as needed, assist in loading, fastening seat belts, etc.

    Q: Can I speak with the Director of LX Sports?

    A: Our LX Sports Director, Josh Schiering, can typically be found on the lower fields. If he is unavailable you may reach him by calling 781-235-3210.

    Q: What if there is an emergency?

    A: LX Sports staff have first aid training and supplies (including ice-packs) and access to a phone to contact emergency services if needed. Whenever possible, parents are notified before medical treatment is provided.

    Q: Do I have to complete an emergency contact form?

    A: You do not need to fill out an emergency contact form. We collect contact information when you register for class. We also recommend that you supply us with any additional emergency contact information you like at that time. Returning members should note that we keep emergency contact information stored in our system.

    Q: Who is authorized to pick-up my child at the end of class?

    A: Only those with an approved pick-up card will be allowed to take your child home.

    Q: Where do I get a pick-up card?

    A: An LX Coach will give you your pick-up card on your first day of class. You may also visit http://www.linx-usa.com where you can log into your account and print as many copies of your pick up card as you like.

    Q: Do I have to display my pick up card at pick-up?

    A: Yes! Displaying your pick up card is the fastest and only way to make sure we release your child to the proper person.

    Q: Do I get LINX Member benefits back on Linden Street?

    A: Yes. When you sign up for an LX Sports class, you are a LINX Member and you are entitled to LINX Member Benefits.

    Q: What if it rains? Will there be class?

    A: We typically play in the rain. We do NOT play in thunder or lightning storms or in downpours. If classes are canceled due to inclement weather or poor field conditions, it will be announced on our LX Sports homepage and on our LINX Facebook page no later than 12:00noon. You may also sign up for LX Sports Daily Text Alerts telling you whether classes are on. If classes are canceled please book a makeup class per our makeup policy.

    As always, please contact us with any questions. You may fill out the form below, or call 781-235-3210. We look forward to serving you and your family! Be sure to let your friends know you are participating in LX Sports as we have limited space in some of our programs.


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